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Era pov stands for eradicating poverty, we do exactly what the word says, fighting to eradicate poverty. Era Pov is Registered both in the UK as a profitable business  and Gambia as none profit organisation. 

We do not go around asking people to donate money, We believe those who need help should be invested on for them to able to continuously grow themselves and be self reliant, instead of always waiting for someone else to give them before they could survive.

We help and invest in those from poor background, help them develop and grow their in their work or realize their true full potential, We currently working with farmers in The Gambia and other African countries, helping them to learn which crops are easily marketable, how to get a higher yield and  best quality product. we do not stop at that, but we also buy all the products they produce at a fair price, and we manufacture and package those products, sell them both locally and in the international market.

That’s why we need you to be buying our products to help those engage in the farming of those products. You also helping yourself by eating healthy and fresh foods, all the products produced are organic, and also farm and produce in a manner which helps in the contribution of lowering carbon footprint, that means you also saving the environment, you not just killing 2 birds with one stone but 3 instead. What a great idea, you could never go wrong.

We not only working with farmers, but always looking at areas in societies in which people are affected or facing  challenges,  we try and provide solutions which we believe might make a difference. We work in both social and economical issues.

Helping people requires a greater depth of understanding and knowledge, understanding the people you want to help and how to help them, wanting to help and knowing how you may help is different, We always make sure that we fully understand the people and society we wanting to help, and how to make a difference in their lives.


Eradicating poverty through human empowerment, helping people benefit from the things they work or believe in, and create opportunities for those without knowledge, idea or work to embark on.

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