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Era Pov always engage with locals in poorest areas to understand their problems and what are the main causes of those problems, We then learn how they think those problems could be solve and use those data in a professional level to find a long term and permanent solutions to those problems were possible.

Africa have the youngest population in the World, with 226 million youths in 2015 age ranging from 15-24, with the figure expected to be double by 2055, but most of those youths have little or no opportunities to tap into for a Greater and better future, this raise the question, how can a continent with the most natural resources and minerals across the globe,with 30% of the worlds mineral reserves,90% of the worlds chromium and platinum, 40% of the worlds gold, 12% of the worlds oil reserve and 8% of the worlds natural gas, the World largest reserve of uranium, cobalt, platinum and diamonds, 65% of the world’s arable land and 10% of the world’s internal renewable fresh water resources can lack the basic opportunities for its youths. Its mainly down to war and Illicit financial  flow which include but not limited to corruption, smuggling, money laundering, tax evation etc,  

How can these long standing problems holding Africa at a standstill for so long be resolve, so that all those funds could be diverted to more productive projects that would benefit its people and create opportunities for the future generation, educate and protect youths, also create opportunities for uneducated elders so that they could be become productive in society, also opportunities for those with skills and talents be realise. Era Pov has been working site by site with socities in real life, living their real life experience with them and working towards finding a permanent solutions to those problems.


One of Era Pov main focus is to learn and understand the needs of societies, instead of asking for donation to give them, we tap into their  inner skills, talent,knowledge and experience  and find a way to work with them in support of  exploring and exploiting those inner skills so that it could be use to their full potential and realize something for  themselves, in which they could continue to work  and benefit themselves instead of always waiting for others to seek assistance or support.


Era Pov engage in the Manufacturing of healthy and affordable food products, Manufacturing food with high quality standard through out our chain, from farming, Logistic, production and storage. Our main aim of manufacturing food products, is to

  • Help in the fight against the rise of food prices, working in help to sustain food prices at an affordable level 
  • Fighting towards food sustainability
  • help in creating a healthy life style within societies 
  • create Job employment and opportunities
  • Help purchase farmers produce
  • Create a global market for farmers
  • Help in the fight against poor food quality,  unsafe food is a health threat to everyone, especially for those with underlying health issues, 220 million children across the globe contract diarrhoea every year and 96,000 of those die every year,
  • Help educate farmers in good farming practices for better quality food and higher yield 


Era Pov also engage in analyzing economic possibility, and helping youth to adventure into profitable industries, to make descent living. We evaluate every possible opportunity available within the economy, regardless of how niche or wide the Market is, We then  provide advice to youths on how to adventure into those markets and what strategies to use and the best way to be successful in those sectors.

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