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Era Pov is also  working on its own initiative call ERA POV CASHLESS, this is an initiative which we believe could help in the fight against IFF (illicit financial flows).A report from the UN estimates that Africa loose more than $80 billion annually through illicit financial flows, that is around 3.7% of Africa’s total GDP, the estimated figure might be way below the actual figure due to lack of accurate data from most African countries. 

illegally earned

 Illicit financial flows (IFFs) are Money which are illegally earned, transferred or utilized. These funds typically originate from three sources: commercial tax evasion, trade misinvoicing and abusive transfer pricing; criminal activities, including the drug trade, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing,  smuggling of contraband,  bribery and theft by corrupt government officials.


Africa loses more than $50 Billion in taxes every year, the amount lose is more than the amount the continent receive from foreign development aid.
Tax evasion is when someone uses illegal method to conceal income or information from tax authorities, it is an illegal act, tax avoidance means legally reducing your taxable income. Tax evasion or avoidance might not be able to be completely eradicated, but it could be minimize to a level which might have less impact on the economy of a nation. 
Governments do try and implement strict measures against those found guilty performing such act, but those measure or penalties taken against tax evasion and avoidance works better in developed countries than developing countries, in developing countries the very authorities who are supposed to implement those penalties against those who perform such act, are the very people who will get corrupted in their line of duty,which will stop them from collecting little or no tax.sometimes the authorities will be close  friends or families to those performing the act, which makes them ignore the act. 
The less tax a government collect the less facilities they could provide for its people. Tax is basically the life line of a nation, without it the country struggle to survive. The informal business sector in Africa also contributes to major lost of tax to governments.


Era Pov also working on solutions in the fight against Money laundering  which involves  the illegal or illicit form of concealing the origin of money by either carrying bulk cash or passing it through complex formats of banking transfers or commercial transfers, the main aim is to make illegally earn money look legit.
  It has become a global problem, especially for Africa, where bulk cash could be easily deposited into banks without questioning, so people could easily acquire money in so many illegal form , for example through drugs, extortion, scam, terrorist organized groups and easily deposit the cash into the bank without question ask, or use the cash to buy land easily and build it without a question. Because of the weak monitoring authority on the bank system in the Gambia and most African nations, makes it vulnerable and a target for criminals.
Criminals could also easily collaborate with insiders, either those working in a bank, or at a point where the individual pass through with bulk cash, it is easy to get an insider involve in such due to  poverty and poor work rate paid to workers and officials, and also lack of  a proper system to monitor workers. Governments in Africa Has been working on Money laundering by widening the law and what it covers, but measure has been barely taken, just implementing laws without putting a system in place to make those laws effective goes as much as not having the law in the first place.
The real problem is the people within the governments, financial institutions and employees , majority of them could always be easily influence by money to be an accomplice in a crime.


Era Pov Working towards solutions in fighting Corruption which involves the act of abusing a position of powder which you have been entrusted with, with the intention of obtaining material benefit which is not legally justified for itself or for others .
Corruption effects peoples lives, hamper sustainable economic growth, the ethical values and justice of a nation. It could also destabilize society and weakened the rule of law, corruption largely affect the poor, because they get deprived from most things which the government could have provided for them, for example education, housing, healthcare, infrastructure and security. It could also have an impact on foreign direct investment.
Corruption could cause people to loose patience and hope in their government, which could lead to unrest, by going on strikes and conducting demonstrations, causing political instability. Wherever there is corruption, people will also experience the following: 

Paying for poor quality service, their would not be proper justice system and criminals or offenders could easily get away with crimes, corruption could cause poor education by bribing quality inspectors or issuance of license to open a faculty, it could also cause poor health conditions, pollution, high accident rates by issuing license to an unqualified drivers, poor research facility, corrupt officers, lack of respect for official from the public, lack of respect for high ranking even the president.


Africa is the only continent around the globe, where average life expectancy is below 60 in most countries. some countries in Africa could be even as low as 50.1.
Some of the main factors are down to lack of good quality food and poor food hygiene which could be seen from the picture  shown above, vendors selling food on the street in a really poor environment, and families buy the food  to cook and Consume.
Other factors of environmental health issues face by Africa and other developing countries , are inadequate waste disposal, lack of safe drinking water in some areas, poor sanitation, unsafe or lack of vector control and air pollution.
The Above mentioned factors are areas Era Pov is carefully running an indepth studies and survey to come up with ideas and solutions to the problems which could completely eradicate or minimize the issues to the lowest possible level. By solving the issues, this could see a rapid improvement in the health of the people living in those environment, and improve their life expectancy, also putting less financial stress on families by not having to go to hospital to seek cure for illnesses cause by diseases which exist in the environment due to poor conditions.


Eradicating poverty through human empowerment, helping people benefit from the things they work or believe in, and create opportunities for those without knowledge, idea or work to embark on.

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